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Understanding Affiliate Tracking Methods.

Understanding Affiliate Tracking Methods.

Speaking affiliate tracking methods that the click is tracked by the platform. Either or In-house platform or affiliate network and happens upon an affiliate link.

affiliate tracking

Conversion is tracked by merchant confirmation page or thanks you page, and it is done by a string of code. Which is also known as a tracking pixel.

Tracking: Cookies (what are the cookies) and why important? Because affiliates sell are normally tracked using cookies.

Small Text Files Stored/set on the Visitor’s Computer and the duration of how long to keep them, on visitor’s machine, is called cookies life.

Cookie Life –The time period between the end user’s click on the affiliate link and the last day when the merchant is willing to pay a commission on the conversion.

In our context it means the time period between end’s user click the affiliate link and last the when the merchant is willing to pay a commission on the sell made by the visitors that we have referred to them.

The last click wins – The predominant model of attributing affiliate –referred sales now a day.

This means that regardless how many affiliates touch the customers in the pre-sale process. It is the last affiliate that says the cookie on their machine, in before a place the order through that will get the full commission.

Tracking: Other Method.

The cookies the only the way affiliate traffic and conversation may be tracked not at all. There is the number of platforms. By platforms, I mean both program and software and affiliate network. They do not depend on cookies for tracking and do not depend on cookies only. Tracking emails would betide to be:

·         Methods Shopping Cart.

·         End user’s IP.

·         URL-Based.

When affiliate IDs are being amended each URL or main co-operative number,  other cookies list, solutions:


  • Hasoffers.
  • Impact Radius.
  • LinkTrust.
  • Post Affiliate Pro.

Affiliate Networks. 

  • Affiliate Future.
  • Click Bank.
  • WebGains.

Affiliate Reporting Aggregation.

Affiliate Statistics Aggregators –Tools that help you unify the reporting across different affiliate networks and merchants

Affiliate Reporting Aggregation.

·         www.Affiliboard.com.

·         Affiliaterepoting.com.

·         Affjet.com.

·         Staagg.com.

·         Excel.

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