Affiliate Paying Models

Understanding Affiliate Paying Models.

We will now look the Affiliate paying Models. For which consumer perform actions and affiliates get paid.

Affiliate paying

The number one model is to consider is:

Cost Per Sale / Pay Per Sale.

The where affiliate gets paid a percentage of the sell as they refer this model may also be abbreviated be CPS or Pay Per Sale.  This is the most widely used payment models.

The Most Widely Used Payment Model (~80% Of Affiliate Programs) use now a day.

Cost Per Lead / Pay Per Lead.

The next model is considered is as Cost Per Lead / Pay Per Lead.

Where Affiliates receive compensation for referred leads (e.g. which may be Forms submitted, subscriptions, free trials etc).

Cost Per Click /Pay Per Click.

The next model looks at Cost Per Click /Pay Per Click.

It is a CC model, Cost Per Click (CPC) – ceasing model mainly due to a large volume of fraud. The only major merchant who uses a modified version of this model.

eBay – QCP Quality Click Pricing.

Where the per click rate changes daily based on the value of affiliate-referred traffic.

Through eBay partner network which effectively is there In-house affiliate program. they pay accordingly to quality clicks pricing. Where pay per rate, changes daily, based on the value of affiliate refer traffic.

Pay Per Call is another model.

Pay Per Call (PPCall) – Advertisers pay affiliates for hot leads who call in for inbound calls. Just with other models advertisers, it is the advertisers who determine what constitutes a valid lead or qualified which they will they pay.

PPCall Bridges the gap between online and offline.

Let’s see how pay per calls works.

Step number 1.

The advertiser: where merchant creates Pay Per Call programs or campaigns.

2ndly: we as publishers or affiliates apply to campaigns and select toll-free phones numbers the will track our referrals than we run our programs our promotions online or offline.

When the consumers see the number and call that it is the network or pay per call tracking platform that will track the calls re- a rounding at or be connecting at with the call centers agent on the advertiser side and if the referral call meets the criteria set by the advertiser we will get the payments from them.

Hybrid Models.

Off-course there is plenty of room for the advertiser may run a cost per sale program where the cost per lead component it may be a cost per sale or pay per call or cost per sale+cost per lead, pay per call.


We learned in affiliate paying models that Affiliate is paid for.

  • Sales.
  • Leads.
  • Clicks.
  • Calls.
  • You may be paid Other Actions (Downloads / Installs, Subscriptions, Trials Views, and so on).

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