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Understanding Affiliate Marketing Concepts

Understanding Affiliate Marketing Concepts.

While appreciating the universality of affiliate marketing, we should always keep in mind, these three Affiliate marketing Concepts.

Affiliate Marketing Concepts

These are:

  • The annotations of qualified referrals.
  • The possibilities of payout reversals.
  • Notations of locking periods.

So, you won’t get paid for branding in cost per sale context, you won’t get paid for valid referrals return orders, also you should not count commission until it locks in your account and the advertisers with merchant can no longer back from you reversing it, going to forward, keeps these Concepts in mind with planning to your affiliate marketing success.

Let’s start with Affiliate Marketing Concepts.

  • It is not a “Channel”: for marketing, it is some may say or believe.
  • It is A Marketing Context: the un-regarding principles.
  • Performance-based remunerating model: principles which are performance-based compensation models.
  • Works with Most Types of Online Marketing (Display, Contextual, Video, Social Media, email and so on).

The notion of Qualified Referral is central to affiliate marketing.

  • It is Advertiser Who Predetermines what will constitute the Qualified Action which affiliates will get compensation.
  • Affiliate Receives Compensation Only Upon Meeting These Conditions. It is also important to understand reversal of commissions happen and they may happen. In following instances.
  1. Payment authorization failed: If the customer payment authorization failed.
  2. Or customer plays Fraudulent sale.
  3. Or if the order was Returned order or unclaimed shipment.
  4. Or Repeated duplicate order canceled the order and all of these instances the merchant will reverse the affiliate transaction in most instances.

Affiliate Behavior.

  • Fraudulent Transaction from affiliate will be reversed.
  • Test Transaction: will be tested if your links are working fine. Will be frequently reserving well.
  • Self – Referral ( If Prohibited) by the merchant.

Behavior /Circumstances.

The merchants at another hand also through.

  • Test transaction ad they will reverse commission.
  • Order Nonfulfillment and Order Adjustment (Correction) will also call for payout reversals. Payout reversals are closely tied to notations to locking period.

Locking Period.

It is important to understand what locking period and block dates are?

Affiliate Commission Becomes Irreversible only once the lock date is reached.

it is Advertiser that Predetermine this Date.

Let’s see the two examples: of locking periods.

We are now looking at affiliate refer transactions through the advertiser interface, ShareASale affiliates network, this particular transaction for  &290 91cent was referred by an affiliate on the 15th march.

locking period example

Locking Period Example.

The affiliate sees the same thing knows not to count, on the commission until. 20th April.

locking period 2

Advertise view (Share a sale).

For Example, custom Locking Period turns to overstock to the affiliate program. You can see the below image as an example: overstock or odd.co has custom lock period action lock 60 days after the event the affiliate commission locks their accounts only 60 days after the transaction will be referred.

 locking period 3

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