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Understanding Affiliate Limitations.

Understanding Affiliate Limitations.

In this lesson, we will answer very specific question pertain to Affiliate limitations as affiliates.

  • How exactly our payments will be handled?
  • Can I be the affiliate without a website?
  • May I promote more than one merchant from the same niche?

Affiliate limitations

let’s start with the question related to the Payments.

How exactly our payments will be handled?

In Affiliate limitations first understand that the  Affiliate chooses Payment Threshold: upon reaching which your payment will be remitted most affiliate networks and in-house affiliates programs, either preset the threshold or allow to you choose the payments threshold then you will also choose the currency.

Currency: the currency I which you will be paid and that is not available in all US networks some operates in US dollars in only.

Payment method: you will also select the payment method now let’s jump to:

Examples: 1– from commission junction CJ by conversations.

 Examples: 2– ShareASale to see how all of the looks will than the affiliate interface.

Here we are commission junction in the payment information section of the affiliate account you can see the minimum payment amount set as $50 the currency set as US dollars the payment method is the direct the deposit and then you enter the account information.

payment information

 Or shareAsell the payment trigger set as this screen between $50 and $200 then we can choose between ACH direct deposit and others options you can see.

payment info

Here are the basic comparisons of payments methods that available across five major US affiliate Networks.

Payment methods.

  1. Avant link – checks direct deposits (us banks only) and pay pal: for example: pays via checks and direct deposits (US banks only) and PayPal.
  2. CJ by conversant – direct deposits and checks direct bank deposits (ACH) available only for select countries
  3. Google Affiliate network– Paid was paying to their AdSense account affiliates through their AdSense accounts.
  4. Rakuten LinkShare – pays direct deposits for select countries and checks.
  5. ShareASale – direct deposits for US Canada UK and EURO based EU accounts that support this payment method and checks sent via regular mail or FedEx.
  1. Select Networks (e.g. Avangate, MarketHealth.com GdeSlon .ru) and Affiliate programs (e.g.eTore ) Solutions like Payoneer, E-wallets, and international checks.


  • payment terms and options are highly dependent on the specifics of the platform
  • keep in mind licking periods and possible reversals. Which we discussed in earlier lessons.

Moving to the next question.

Do I have to have a website for an affiliate?

While Most affiliate programs/ managers will require a website for approval. Technically one may be an affiliate without a website, for example, you could be a paid search affiliate who runs paid search campaign linking to your ads through affiliate links directly merchant website or you may employ in email marketing or run Pay Per Call campaign which works even offline.

However, it is a good idea still have a website where you will explain the marketing methods that you use because many merchants will not even consider your applications.

If you do not have a website and always double check with each individual affiliate program if your website fewer methods are ok with merchants to do it before applying into affiliate program it is always better to have clarity on these things, before your commission are reversed because you have   methods turned out into incompatible with merchants strategy for its affiliate programs.

May I Promote More Than One Merchant from The Same Niche?

Finally, to the question promoting multiple advertisers may want to promote   more than one merchant from the same niche. Absolutely yes.

Absolutely a free marketer you are the one who chooses the merchant into which you are going to invest your effort.

You are also Compensated for only when performance occurs merchants know this, extremely rarely request exclusivity.

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