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A complete Adobe Illustrator Tutorial.

A complete Adobe Illustrator Tutorial.

What is Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is called a vector drawing and graphic program. Where We create cartoons, diagrams, charts, and logos using in this program. Unlike bitmap images that store information in a grid of dots. This makes vector graphics scalable without the loss of resolution. Using Adobe Illustrator we can create Brochures, Posters, and Logo Designs, T-Shirts or anything to be printed.


Main Keys & Concepts.

To know different between Vector & Raster?

The difference between vector and raster graphics is that raster graphics are composed of pixels, while vector graphics are composed of paths.

Understanding paths.

Now we understand the difference between the vector based graphics and pixels based or raster based graphics so now take a look at more.

(Open Path and Close Path).

The open path has no closed area.

The close path has closed area.

The straight line has two anchor points.

One from bottom and second is from the top.

Smooth line. It has control handles.

 path Understanding

Fills strokes.

So start with understanding what these vector objects are we know that path which is made of anchor points with the path. Some path which is curve which has controls handles.

Which defines those curves.

Open program.

 filling and stroke

 filling and stroke

Selections stacking.

A key concept working with vector graphics something call selection is called staking selections.

open file.

 stacking selections

Different between Selection Tool (V)  & Direction Tool (A).

Selection tool: –   selection tool  you can only select and change the size of single object.

Direction Tool: –  Direction ToolYou can change more than one object inside the object and also change the shape of the object.

Pressing shift key you can select more than object individually.

selection of more than one object

Select more than one then one object with pressing shift key from the keyboard.



objects arrange

Isolation mode.

So final key concept I want to cover here before actually, we are going to use illustrator. Something is called isolation mode.

Open file and Double click on Object.

you can select each part of the object.

 Understanding isolation mode

Creating Illustrator Documents.

Document profiles.



create illustrator documents

Multiple artboards.

creating new document

multiple artboards

 multi art



You can also add and delete art board.

Artboard Tool.

 artboard tool

For deleting art board.

Select art board  art board

For creating another Artboard.

Artboard Navigation.

artboard navigation

You can also modify arc board.

Select art board Go to option bar.

 option bar

option bar

For duplicating art board.

short cut key

Libraries content.

Swatches Panel (it is located on left-hand side of the screen.)

Swatches Panel

more Swatches Panel

Swatches Panel color

Symbol Panel.

Symbol Panel

You can drag any color and  3D symbol into the symbol panel.

You can also use color and symbol within the document. Then color and symbol will be added into swatches and symbol panel.

Illustrator templates.


New from Template.

Save as template.

illustrator templates

Click on Tech.

give name to template

template numbers

Create your own template.


New from template.

Blank Template.


save as the template.

Information about the file.

Open any file or New file


File info.

File info












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