The Adobe Illustrator Interface.

 The Adobe Illustrator Interface.

In Adobe Illustrator interface article, we will learn Exploring panels, hiding and un-hiding panels, Control Panel, Hide and Unhide control, navigate documents, rulers’ guides, grids, bounding box, smart guides,  and preview outline, Using workspaces.

Adobe Illustrator Interface

Adobe Illustrator interface, we start from Exploring panels.



After creating a  new file. You will see on the left-hand side Panels.


You can drag window document everywhere on the screen.

drag panels

Hide and Unhide Panels.

Windows Menu.

Click on any panel.

You can resize your panel according to your wish. Just click on the panel and move where you want to keep. Use tab Now tools and panel will be disappeared.

Use Tab Key from the keyboard,  Now tools and panel will be disappeared.

Press shift+tab for disappearing panels only.

Control panel.

Open Image or any image. Which you have created.


When you click any part of the document then control panel (option bar)will be displayed like following.

option bar

If you click on the colorcolor from option bar with the shift key and then CMYK AND RGB will be shown (one of two).


Hide and Unhide control.




Navigating documents.

Open file.

 hand tool and zoom


Zoom in and Zoom out.

Ctrl+ plus and ctrl+minus.

Pressing spacebar (to switch between zoom and hand tool).

Pressing the ctrl+space bar+alt key. (For Duplicating the object).

Document window.

Open file more than one file at this example open two files.

Now you have opened two files.

To move each other you have to use the ctrl+tab key.

Arrange Documents.

document window

There are no of options. ( you can see multiple windows).

Rulers & Guides.

Ctrl+R(for the switch on ruler command).



Show rulers & Hide rulers.


Click on Ruler vertical or horizontal, continue drag at center.

Alow us to align object.

You can choose vertical and horizontal guides.

Right click on the guide (Lock and unlock guide).



Hide guides (ctrl+;).

Using grids.


Show Grids (ctrl+”)\Hide Grid\Snap to Grid.



There is the setting of Guides and Grids.

 preference setting

 Bounding box.

 bounding box


Show bound box & Hide bounding box.

bounding box

It is like free transform tool where you can resize move, shape, rotate.

 Smart guides.

Open picture.


Smart guides.

The smart guide is a very useful tool because it tells when you move the mouse over any the object it tells about the object and it creates automatically alignment lines.

The setting of smart guides.


Smart Guides. (ctrl+u).

Preview outline.

Open PictureView==>Outline/ Preview.

ViewOutline/ Preview.

Outline/ Preview.

Using workspaces.



You can save workspace according to your wish.





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