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How to use Microsoft Access Database Relationships.

In this article, we will learn Microsoft Access Database relationships, before starting to understand Access Database relationship. It is very necessary to understand primary and foreign keys.

 Access Database relationships

So, let’s start Understanding primary and foreign keys.

In well design database, you create many tables that relate back to records to other tables.

If you have data specifically about the primary theme of the table is probably the case should go to another table.

In easy words, Primary key means: it is that field, which uniquely identifies every different record in the table.

The Foreign Key is defined/created in a second table or we can say to another table. But remember, it is referred to the primary key in the first table.

Let’s start with examples:

1.      Create two table like below.

The name of the first table should be Student Bio-Data.

Student Bio-Data.

2.      The name of the second table should be Student Fee info.

Student Fee info.

In more detail. See below examples.

The first table should be Student Bio-Data.

 std info

The second table should be Student Fee info.

 std bio data

 explanation of pk and fk

Now Time for Access Database relationships.

Establishing relationships and maintaining referential integrity.

Once our data table primary and foreign key is established, we need let to access which field relates to which. We can do with the relationship tool.

Database Tools.




Another option is when you double click on table than two additional fields will be opened.

1.       Fields.

2.       Table.

Click on Table.



Before you make the relationship between tables.

Make sure tables should be closed.

Database Tool.


 relationships show tables

Here you can close but you can open another way like.

You click on Design.

Show tables.


Right, click on the screen.

Show tables.

 relationships show tables 2

For adding tables in the relationship.

Double click on each table or Click on the table then add.

 tables in relationships

Set table like bellows by dragging.

 relationships working

 working on relationships of tables

Before starting the relationship of the table, we must identify each table field first.

 relationships of tables

 edit relationships

relationship layout

Edit Relationship.

  1. Right click on Relationships Line.
  2. Click on Edit Relationships (If You want to make changes).

delete relationships

Delete Relationship.

  • Right click on Relationships Line.
  • Click on Delete (If You want to make changes).
  • Access will ask about deleting. (Yes/No).

delete relationships

Microsoft Access Introduction.


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