A complete Training of MS word

             Text Editing and Formatting Word Document Once you type some text than it requires text editing and formatting Word Document , because it  gives nice look. In this article you will learn about text editing, insert text, selecting text, Rearranging text with Cut, Copy, and …

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Adobe Photoshop tools


Adobe Photoshop tools help us for drawing anything  in Photoshop there many Photoshop tools are available and each tool has own function and work. Adobe Photoshop tools are distributed in groups in toolbar. There are 04 groups of Adobe Photoshop Tools . Note: Click Black dot or triangle because there …

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A Complete Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


A Complete Adobe Photoshop CS6 tutorial. It gives you basic to advance knowledge about Adobe Photoshop CS6. where we will learn about Adobe Photoshop, its interface, what is graphic, file size, file format etc. What is Adobe Photoshop? Adobe Photoshop is used for graphics editing program which was developed and published by Adobe Systems …

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Complete Corel Draw Tutorial for Beginners

corel draw

Corel Draw is vector graphic program. Corel draw program is used to create professional level monograms, Corel draw provides useful tools. Using these useful tools we can create beautiful written advertisement, visiting cards, marriage cards and Eid cards, Book’s titles, etc. also Corel draw provides us Felicity we can work …

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Complete Inpage Urdu Training

inpage urdu

In this article we will learn about Inpage Urdu. We use Inpage Urdu program for Urdu, Sindhi, and English and for others Languages. Same we can use to Images program like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. In Addition we use Inpage for Graphic Designing. This program is like others editors, where …

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What is Computer


The word computer has been taken from the word “Compute”.  Which means calculation. Therefore it literally can be applied to any calculation device. However the term computer mean  an electronic device with certain characteristics like high speed, memory, and stored programs etc. In simple terms, the computer is an electronic data …

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